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The Old Castle Realm website  Archives

Index page

Please Note: Castle Realm  website  copyright was  1996 until 2001 when it closed  down

many  websites hold bits and pieces, this  library contains a majority

Many  People used this website as a reference site especially  for newcomers

Lord Colm & jade  wrote and Published many articles during their online relationship  which  were posted in the Castle Realm website

Nothing of their writing has been altered

Submissive Articles

Am I  Submissive

Advise for new submissive's

Basics for new Submissive's

A Submissive Journal

Benefits of a Journal

Bruising Tips & information

A look at  Male submissive's

Creating a Scene for Submissive's

Some Thoughts about Submission

D/s Cyper of the wrong Kind

D/s Rituals

Some Things to look for in a Dominant

What do I need from My Dominant

DOM  Me, Dammit!

Forming a D/s Relationship

Self-Taught Submission

Struggle to Surrender

Submissive Etiquette In Formal Training

Submissive Owner's Manual

Submission vs. Masochism

Chains Of Love

Position Training

The Finishing Touches

Walking the Tigress

Dominance Articles

Clips & Clamps


The Closed Minded Dominant

To Sub  or Not to Sub

A View from the Top

What should I seek in a Submissive?

Dominants, What am I looking for?

What is Domination?

The Acolyte

The Journeyman

Other Articles

How Clean are Your Toys

Signing a Contract

Contracting 101

Debunking the Myth of Pathology

Depersonalization, Humiliation

Formal Training ,Houses and Formal Lifestyle

introducing your mate to D/s

Trust within a D/s Relationship

Mutual Respect in a D/s Relationship


Sensory Deprivation

Orgasm Control

Collars  and Traditions

a Collaring  Ceremony

The Ceremony of Roses

Online to Real Time

Forming a D/s Relationship

Long Distance D/s relationships

Changing Flavors, New Cpls

Abuse a Common  Link?

Sometimes I don't feel Dominant/submissive?

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