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The Submissive Heart
Short Stories by submissives

The Candle - by Torri - Passion and heat released in hot wax.

Chains - by Christine.   Learning the true meaning of the love for her Master's chains.

The Date - by name withheld.  A moving and erotic tale that successfully portrays the exchange of surrender and control.

Deanna's Discipline - by tk - Discipline and desire at its fullest.

Dinner & Dessert - by jade - A powerfully erotic tale of dilemma and delight set in a public restaurant.

The Flog - by undomiel - Passion and surrender as a sub finds her space.

Heat -by birdie - An incredible tale.  This mixture of the supernatural and erotic images will provide you with some quality reading.  Not necessarily a D/s based story, but too good to pass up.

I Get My Silver Rings - by michelle.  The erotic tale of her first piercings.

I Wait - by alleycat{P} - A submissive's lesson is learned in waiting.

Melanie's Path - by manda.  A day of unexpected changes and discovery.

A Midsummer's Magical Mystery Tour - by birdie.  A wonderful tale by an extremely creative writer.  Look for more of her work on this page.  An erotic MUST READ!

Rebirth - by lovesbite.  Her true story of moving from virtual time to real time.

Rituals - by susan - A ritual can be all you wanted and more. One submissive's story of the pleasures to be gained.

Room 3 - by MLdsDrmGrl - Erotic domination and the stripping away of modesty.

The Sacrifice - by birdie.  An erotic tale of a mysterious encounter.  Don't miss this one!

Sea Story - by qorinda - The motions and emotions of the sea reflected in the acts of submission.

The Sensuous Hand - by Mrtysdeb.  An erotic tale of a first-time exploration into a real life relationship between Master and sub.

Slave Wanted- by tk - What could happen when you answer an ad on the local BBS.

The Storm- by MedLady. - A short but powerful story of erotic dominance.

That's Just How It Is - by linda - An original short story concerning discipline.

The Third Time - by YourSas - Playing a game can often result in a surprise for the player.

To Capture a Storm - by QuyitStorm - Passion and surrender when a storm is captured.

The Rape - by YourSas. - A hard lesson for disobedience.

Wet - by birdie.  A passionate tale from beneath the streets of Rome that lives up to its title.

The Woods - by NyteNGale - Walk in the woods has a surprise from her Master.


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