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The Submissive Heart
Poetry and Prose
by Dominants

A section for works by Dominants.

Dominant Poetry

21st Birthday - by JustaDom.  A tongue-in-cheek exchange of birthday pleasures.

Air - by Webar.  Total control and ownership in words.

Apple Tree - by Athos.   Introspective view of aging.

Chains of the Mind - by Searcher.  Total freedom comes from total surrender.

Dream Maidens' Song - by Tom Walters.   A lovely work by a Dom/poet/musician that touches both the submissive and dominant heart.

Emotional Prodigy - by Athos.  An analogy of betrayal.

Faces of Submission - by LadyLeanne.  The agony and estacy of submission.

For Amber - by Sir Traveler.  A loving poem for amber.

A Guest in the Garden - by JustaDom.  A beautiful tribute to "Our Garden" and a soulful search of self.  Thank you, JustaDom.

I Dwell There - by Athos.   A look into the darkness of the soul.

Is It Glory? - by JustaDom.  A brief study in the dynamics of power and challenge.

The Last Grain of Sand - by Athos.  Nothing stops the progression of time.

Little Girl - by Athos.   The dark secrets locked within her heart and mind.

A Master's Pride - by Lord William Mac Myrddyn.  A Master's love and pride in his devoted submissive.

Moonlit Garden - by JustaDom.  Tender words of passion under the moonlite.

The More Things Change - by JustaDom.  A humorous slice of life in a D/s household.

New Beginnings - by Caedfel.  Helping a slave to heal with love and friendship.

No Mercy - by LadyLeanne.  The struggle of a male slave to please his Mistress.

Power Outage - by JustaDom.  A poetic comedy every sub can relate to with a smile.

Remorse - by Caedfel.   A poem written for sara.

Strength - by Searcher.  The metamorphosis of the soul for those who accept their submissive nature.

Worthy - by Sir Mike.   Written by a humble Master for his submissive.  Touching and insightful.

Dominant Prose

Disscovery of Dominance--The Dance of Dreams - by T. Walters- A moving, poetic story of self discovery




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