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The Submissive Heart
Poetry by submissives
jade's poetry

The Cello - by jade. Images of maestro and instrument, together creating breath-taking symphony.

Flesh Storm -  by jade. The quenching of parched desire

He Takes Me Beyond - by jade. Free to soar, borne upon the wings of His strength.

I Feel So Small Sometimes - by jade. Lost in Him

Indescribable - by jade.  There are no words to describe the contents of the heart.

Invisible Wounds - by jade.  The power of a dominant's thoughtless acts.

Journey - by jade.  A submissive's journey begins with one step.

Master's World - by jade. How my heart hears His words.

The Roses of Our Love -by jade.  A rose can say what words cannot.

Silent Flight - by jade. Consuming passion sets a soul free to soar.

The Tigress - by jade.  Embracing the beast within.

When We're Apart - by jade. A love unfettered by distance.

You Are My Master - by jade.  Why He is my "Master."



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