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The Submissive Heart
Poetry by submissives
Page Three

S - Z

Sacred Heart (subbie love) - lionpaws.  Words of tender devotion to his Mistress.

Safe Harbor - by WholeAtLst - Words of passion and devotion found in her Master's world.

The Search Is Over - by Sub D.  The joy of finding the One who completes you.

The Shadow - by Michelle. The mystery and wonder of the bond between Master and submissive.

Sighs - by EIle Coeur.  Master's freedom given.

The Silence of Souls - by kit09{LC}.  The joy of souls united.

A Silent Plea - by ladysub.  The unspoken words of a submissive heart.

Silken Shadows - by *myst*{P}. Tender emotions in few words.

Silk Flogger - by qorinda. A painting in words of the sensuality of a flogger in a Master's hands.

Siren Song - by Deborah - For her "Captain", who lovingly calls her his "Siren"

Sleep - by MedLady.  Sleep brings memories and silent longings.

Soar - by EIle Coeur.  Dancing on clouds of ecstasy.

~~Soft Kiss~~ - by DalyaGrace. A kiss that awakens body and soul.

Spanking - by qorinda. Sensations and satisfaction from sensual spanking.

~Spoons~ - by EIle Coeur. Passionate portrait of passion fulfilled and blissful rest.

Stolen Hours - by Gator's Pet.  Longing for those moments spent together in bliss.

A Snowy Day - by ~irshwlf~(bsws)  Images to warm the coldest day.

sub Love - by Mistress Northern Lady's collared grasshopper. word of love to his Mistress.

Subspace - by Kalista0. A journey to that special place

Sweet Dreams, Little Sub - by Open4USir. A light-hearted bit of sub-tle poetry for sweet dreams.

The Switch - by "L".  A truly moving work about the different personas of a female switch. Powerful and insightful.

Tears of a Slave - by ChaindDove.  The desire to release all fears in healing tears.

Thoughts From My Heart - by Hugs. Tender vulnerablitly.

The Tip Of My Tongue - by Open4USir.  A delightful analogy of D/s love.

To The One i Now Call Mistress - by acquiescent one.  Words of wonder and devotion to Mistress.

Trials -by Lady Witche.  Overcoming the trials to reach the rewards.

True Vision - by Van B. Mahany. A soul laid bare and vulnerable.

Unbridled Desires - by slave selena~.  Hidden passion stirred by a Master's touch.

Untitled - by Van B. Mahany.  The angst of lonliness.

UnWanted Freedom - by LadySub.  The end of what was and the embers of what remains.

Vanilla Embers- Master Rain's glori. The End of My Vanilla Life

A Walk in the Garden - by hurslave.  A poetic gift for the love found in "Our Garden."

When First We Meet - by Phantom's Dove.   Everything changes when you meet the right One.

Who is He...Who am I - by subangel. Powerful poetry revealing the inner feelings of submissive for a Dominant who leads her on her journey.

Who is He...Who am I, Part II - by subangel.  Sometimes our journies don't always lead where we hoped.

Wishes - by auretia.  Wishing for her true self to be found by the Master she waits for.

The Woman I Love - by Vanth. Tender words of adoration

~Words~ by EIle Coeur. Longing for the words from her Master.

You Hold Command, Mistress - by darkshadow.  The power of true dominance.

Your Control - by lindsay.  An expressive poem that describes the feeling of a Master's control.

~The Zone~ - by EIle Coeur - Torrid, tender and touching.  Erotic love in words.



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