The Submissive Heart
Poetry by submissives
Page Two

I - R

I Am a Believer -by Sirs girl.  Words of thanks to a girl's Mentor and friend.

i am Grateful - by wizper. Gratitude and love in words to her Master.

Imagination - by lyra. Tender, loving remembrances

Indulgence -by ~sasha~.  Punishment or pleasure for being naughty?

Inspiration - by hurslave.  A very special gift from a very special friend.

In Thy Hands - by ~~princess~~.  The world found in her Master's hands.

In Your Bondage I am Free - by FoxELdy9.  How he makes me feel.

I Offered You - by jenni.  The gift of a submissive heart offered freely.

i Submit - by Master Tasma's lil' tahrany. Submissive responses to master.

I Thank You Sir - by Lady Velvet.  A submissives expresses her gratitude.

I Surrender - by missphil2.  Hopes and dreams of the day of surrender to her One.

It's True - by EIle Coeur - Made whole in him.

Jade's Chains - by Van B. Mahany. A special dedication by a special friend.

Like A Vessel - by lauren.  The joy of finding a safe harbor from life's trouble seas.

Longing - by virginslave.  Longing for the time when love moves into the third dimension.

A Loving Master - by deborah.  A loving tribute to her husband, Master Stacey, for taking care of her during a serious illness.

Magic Hour - by lauren.  Denial of self-pleasure in thoughts of her Master's love.

Maiden Voyage - by vixen.  An account of first flight into subspace.

Master - by kit09{LC}   The word that means everything..Master.

Master of Darkness - by Heliacrism. Mystery and Mastery combine to bring completion.

Master of My Soul - by Sofnsubtle.  Love and devotion that only grows deeper with time.

A Master's Touch - by [nutmeg]R - All the joys of a Master's touch.

Master Without a Face -by missphil2.  The hopes and dreams of meeting her One.

Metamorphosis- by subangel. The changes and ecstasies of submission.

Mistress's Arms - by darkshadow.  The love and comfort found in the arms of his Mistress.

Mistress's Word - by darkshadow.  The honor and truth in a true Mistress's words.

My Dearest Master - by slave selena~ - Expressing love for her Master.

My Heart - by Nicole.  The love within the heart of a submissive for her Master.

My Heart - by missphil2.  A heart that longs for wings to fly.

My Heart is But a World Away- by Master Fire's kitten. Touching words to Master while he is away.

My Master - by [nutmeg]R - Everything a Master should be.

My Master's Gifts - by lil-one{Ry}.   A submissive's loving gratitude for the gifts from her Master.

My Place - by ~arell~ Finding and embracing her place in submission.

My Right - by acquiescent one.  The hope, dreams and rights of a submissive woman in thoughtful words.

my Submission- by Master Tasma's lil' tahrany. A submissive's response to her Master.

My Surrender to Sweet Submission - by Lady Witche.  Wholeness and fulfillment in surrender to the One.

My Sweet Surrender- by dee. Sweet surrender of passion for her Master A.

No Matter - by lauren.  Word about gratitude..touching and powerful.

My Wait is Over - by Angela (SAMs FLB).  The joy of finally finding  the One.

Oath to my Lord & Master - by dvlishimp.  A sub's oath of love and devotion to her Master.

~The Obsession~ - by DalyaGrace. Don't miss this one! Beautiful.

On the Terrible/Wondrous Consequences of Templating… - by zenflower. A work that defies description.

Our Beginning - by FoxELdy9.  A lesson in letting go...completely.

Our Love - by girl.   The love of a submissive for her Master/Husband.

Pain and Rain- Master Rain's glori. A storm inside and outside...passion and weather.

The Pet - by ~~princess~~.  Devotion and love of His pet in touching images.

Petals of the Rose- Master Rain's glori. A true account of their first meeting.

~~Possessed~~ - by DalyaGrace.  A beautiful work written for her Master.

A Precious Gift - by missphil2.  The precious gift of submission.

A Present For Sir - by Open4USir. A submissive's beautiful gift to her Master.

The Question - by sasha.  Intense, insightful and incredible.

Rainbo's Rapture - by Modesty.  The rapture and fulfillment of a Master's love.

The Restoration - by NightHawks_satin.  A gift from a Master and the gift of submission in return.

~~The Revelation~~-  by DalyaGrace.  The deepest exploration of all....the journey into self.

Room 1 - by MLdsDrmGrl.  Enflamed passion, deepest needs and desires existing between submissive and Master.