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The Submissive Heart
Poetry by submissives
Page One

The 3 Roses - by His Love, Hun. Gifts of submission told in flowers.

All I Need - by tlc.   Finding all she needs in her Master.

As - by Kiten2Kat. Emotions and feelings of surrending to her Master's control.

As the Doorbell Rings - by FoxELdy9. - My first time  with Sir David.

At Last - by gina.   A submissive's thoughts on submitting to a very special man, her Master.

At Master's Side - by ~misha. A portrait done with simplicity and grace.

At The Feet of My Master - by WholeAtLst. Moving words and images of submission.

Being Whole - by ~misha.  All the emotions of finding yourself in the One.

The Black Pearl - by dasya.  The lesson learned from challenging her Master.

Bound - by qorinda. The joys and freedom found in bondage.

Bound to be Free - by Nyte - Liberated by his love.

The Burn - by Kalista0.  Poetry in wax and passion.

Butterfly -by sinnfulsub.  A tender submissive's wait for the One.

Captive Together (For John) - by YourSas.   Held together in body and spirt.

A Castle, A Lord, and His little one - by lionpaws - A beautiful gift from the heart of a dear friend.

Chains - by shanna{KUR}.  Dedicated to her "heartsister".

Claimed - by D.V.Ant's ~arell~.  The joy of being found, clamied and created by her Master.

Collared Heart - by WholeAtLst.  A submissive surrenders her heart.

The Collaring - by Coy~.  A poetic collaring ceremony.

Dance With Him - by Lady Witche.  The dance of attraction and submission.

Dark Clouds - by missphil2.  Longings and thoughts for her future Master.

A Dedication For Sir - by sub "L".  Loving trust and desire expressed in words.

Denied - by lyra. Yearning for the flight of ecstasy.

Do You Know - by lindsay.  The passionate questions of submission.

EnSlaved to Master - by nikirose. A slave's view.

Exchange - by Angel...{aka} SlapMyTush.  A beautiful description of the exchange between Master and sub.

Fire - by ~sasha~.  The flames of passion ingnited by love and submission.

Forever Firms - by kathryn_MF.  Finding fulfillment in belonging to the One.

For Michael, My Lord - by MLdsDrmGrl.  Surrender and total devotion of a submissive to her One.

First Surrender - by Beryl. A beautiful description of the transition into submission and surrender.

The Flames - by lyra.  A candle's flame quenches desire

Fold - by ri^ (for jade) - Few words that speak volumes. A very special gift.

For You Master - by Coy~ - Loving words in tribute to her Master.

For Your Pleasure - by Open4USir - Searing images in words of a submissive's passion.

Gentle Dom - by TameMeSub. Gentleness and strength of a Master's love.

Gentle Dominance & Sweet Submission - by feisty_SJ.  The bliss of surrender to her Master, Sir J.

The Gift - by rosepetal.  The gifts of love, peace and joy from a Master.

The Gift of my Heart - by Sofnsubtle.  A most precious gift, a submissive heart.

Gift of Surrender - by lil-one{Ry}.  The loving gift offered so freely to her Master.

Gifts - by Misty. The simple beauty of the gifts of submission.

Have You Ever - by Lapp Top. A wonderful expression of wide range of emotions we experience in our D/s relationships.

Healing Slave - by lil^rose.  Loving support for a tender heart..

Hear My Voice - by princess.  A moving poem of a lesson learned.

The Heart of a Slave - by nikirose. A slave expresses her heart to her Master.

A Heart of Fire for His Mistress - by firespawn.  The burning of a heart filled by love.

Heart's Truth - by EIle Coeur.  Darkest needs met with a touch

~Heels~ by EIle Coeur.  Erotic images of heels and a master's command.

Her Inner Self--Raging Waters - by subangel. Deeply moving and descriptive of the longing to surrender

Her Pet - by Subserrate. The joys of pleasing his Mistress.

His Whim - by YourSAS.  A lovely poem on the joys of belonging.



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