The Finishing Touches


You've completed your mission and have made contact with a friendly alien life-form from the planet Domulus, also known as Dom/mes. In all likelihood the alien has captured you as a pet so you need to know some of the finer arts of keeping Master or Mistress happy.

 Some Tips for the Formal LifestylebyjadeThere are many different ways to living within the D/s Lifestyle. They range from the "down-home" style, using "K-Mart-special" puppy collars and clothesline restraints, to the very formal style of the Oriental Society, filled with traditions and rituals that date back for nearly 2000 years.

Every couple has their own preferences and they often adapt a very individual approach in the way they live.In recent years there has been a renewed interest in the "old ways" and many are seeking a more refined method to express themselves within a D/s relationship. There is a beauty and comfort in the formalities of the more traditional styles that cannot be found any other way.

Most of the training methods and rituals have been kept within the Euro/Oriental Houses and have never been available to the general D/s community until the past few years.It would be impossible for me to cover all the things a submissive must learn in formal training but there are some things that can be shared that might be a benefit to those who would like to develop some of the social graces and poise that the formally trained submissives are known for.

One of the most important aspects of formal training is the way a submissive learns to move and serve. There is a fluidity to each movement and a purpose for every gesture. This is especially true of the Oriental Houses.

A submissive is trained to be a living work of art and her/his grace in serving will be something you'll not forget once you've witnessed it. Learning some of the formal etiquette and adapting a few of the ancient rituals to your own unique style can be a real enhancement to your D/s relationship. I've tried to provide some things found on the Internet to help you gain a little of that formal flavor to your submissive behavior and routine.

It's not important that you might not develop the skills the way someone with the benefit of years of training may perform the same duties. What's important is how it makes your dominant feel when you offer your own special gift to please them. It can make you feel pretty good as well.There lots of things that you can learn to bring added pleasure to your dominant.

Local community colleges and the "Y" often have classes on subjects like belly dancing, gourmet cooking, body massage, photography, crafts and any number of other things that could enhance a relationship and give you some tricks to add to your list of services. Be creative. The only limits you have are the ones you've created in your own mind.

 Don't be afraid to try to learn a few of the things listed in the links below, or even those you might find in books on any of the subjects. Check out your local library in the cultural section and see what you can find. Browse through the books on dance and mime, see what might be hidden in the historical section. You never know where you might find a nugget of information that you can use to fashion your own new rituals.Best of luck,jade

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