Creating A Scene

Tips on How to Use and Acquire ClothingAnd Props to Enhance Your Scenes


Dominants Have Their Toys,

Submissives Can Have a Few Tricks of Their Own

Like most couples in the D/s world, we love our scenes. Since we don't get into the play-party action or the scene club activities, we have to depend on our own ingenuity to add a touch of excitement and reality to our private scenes. Master, like most dominants, came equipped with His own bag o'tricks and they've certainly added to the success of our private moments but I have a few things up my own sleeves that can help to boost the level of enjoyment we share.

 Exactly What is a Scene?

A scene can be anything from a carefully rehearsed series of BDSM activities to a reenactment of a fantasy, usually of a sexual nature. At most play-parties the scene is most likely to be a display showing the interaction between a top and bottom, often involving intricate bondage, erotic whipping and other BDSM acts. Sometimes the scene is performed for the entertainment or education of the audience and does not always include sexual acts. There are BDSM clubs that feature elaborate theatrical productions that incorporate all the tools and tricks of the trade and require careful preparation to execute. In reality, a scene is whatever the "players" want it to be. All scenes, regardless of the type, must be negotiated. All the people involved need to state their preferences and limits clearly so that it is mutually enjoyed by all those who participate. This is true for the play-party or the interaction between a committed couple. Reading "What is a Scene" by Rob Jellinghaus will help you to understand more about it. So before you do a little spanking scene or an Academy Award winning production, sit down and discuss the script together. Cut out anything that might bother one of the actors and don't try difficult stunts without a body double.

Finding Your Own Props and Wardrobe

Building up a collection of scene props and a wardrobe can be a fun-filled adventure for a submissive or a couple. The only things that limit your selections are your personal tastes, finances and creativity. There are dozens of ways to locate unique or useful items requiring very little investment, other than your time and imagination. Here are a few ideas that might give you the encouragement you need to begin.

  Second-hand Clothing Shops. - These places can be a treasure chest of wonderful items and at some very reasonable prices. I've found some terrific things in consignments shops and vintage clothing boutiques. One of the things I picked up was a "Catholic School Girl Uniform." It's the typical blue and green, plaid, pleated skirt and white blouse you see on thousands of well dressed students. I added a few accessories, such as white, thigh-high stockings, some white anklet socks, a pair of penny loafers, black, patent leather shoes, etc. I also added a jumper made of the same plaid, just for variety. This outfit works very nicely when we want to play "naughty school girl and Head Master" that happens to be one of our favorite scenes. Other items I've found, at very reasonable prices, are a three piece, double breasted suit and man's dress hat. These work very well for a few other things we love to reenact, like a scene from "9½ Weeks" and a beautiful satin gown that, with a few modifications, will do very nicely for a scene from "Story of O." Look for quality leather items while you're browsing. These can be used in any number of ways or recycled into other leather articles. Another thing you might run across is a nurse's uniform and we don't need to over-explain what you can do with that item.

 Yard Sales - Woohoo! There's no limit to the things you can find at these backyard bonanzas. I've collected dozens beautiful candles, candleholders, a youth chair and desk (great for that "naughty school girl" scene), several silk sheets in different shades, and tons of junk jewelry. When you're setting the mood for an intimate scene or a delightful bath, there's nothing to equal filling the room with the light of dozens of candles in all shapes and sizes. For safety sake, I like putting them in crystal dishes, jars or bowls and it really intensifies the effect. (I picked up those items for pennies at yard sales too.) The jewelry comes in handy for slave girl roles or enhances the look of the rich, young robbery victim in another fantasy. I look for bangle bracelets and anklets for my slave girl and gaudy costume jewelry for the unfortunate socialite. The silk sheets are a real bonus when making slave girl outfits. Most of the time the bottom sheet wears out long before the top sheet has any signs of wear. Using the material from them makes a slave girl look very realistic or can be fashioned into a sarong type covering for several other roles you might want to play with. 

 Flea Markets - There's the place to find EVERYTHING. From leather clothing to lingerie, funky shoes to fetish items, and jewelry to plain junk! If you're fortunate enough to live in an area that has a large D/s, BDSM community, keep your eye open for their "Fetish Flea Markets." They're nothing less than fantastic. Many of the local lifestylers bring out their wares and you can find some incredible items. Renaissance Fairs are another source of great accessories, such as chain mail items. Besides, you and your partner can have a wonderful time browsing at these festive events. Go early and plan to spend the day meeting people, shopping and sightseeing.

 Your Own Attic - I found several great things stuffed away with my high school and college junk. My old cheerleader's outfit, complete with pompoms, has given us a few great fantasies to act out. You might be lucky enough to find one of your grandmother's old corsets or petticoats stashed away among the old lampshade and picture frames. I even managed to salvage a pair of above-the-knee leather boots that belonged to my mother and a pair of her old bell-bottom jeans. Keep your imagination active and see what you can come up with.(A little safety tip: Launder or dry clean any articles of used or vintage clothing before wearing.)

 Fetish Stores - Always a source of interesting items and a way to connect with other people who share similar interests. There are hundreds of toys and clothing items available to dedicated shoppers. Check the sale racks for bargains if your cash flow is a bit limited. Body jewelry is one of my favorite embellishments and there are many types that do not require piercing that look very sensual in the right scene. There are dozens of great places on the web where you can shop if you have no shops in the area you live. Check them out for ideas, even if you aren't buying. Places like Victoria's Secrets and Frederick's of Hollywood also have some pretty hot items for the submissive who's wanting to heat things up a bit at home.Have Fun!!!People in the lifestyle tend to get too serious about some things that should and could be fun. Finding little things that enhance your scenes or help to set the mood for your intimate time can be like going on a treasure hunt. You never know where you might find something that will lend a special touch to that scene you both enjoy so much. Don't be afraid to be creative and lighthearted. Not everything needs to look like it came from a medieval dungeon. Those things are great too, but there is a limitless variety of mini-dramas that can be done without being dragged off to the Castle's basement. Oh, speaking of basements....there's another place to check for some treasures!

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